About Us


We are students of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai trying to do our bit for the city that gave us our lifeline.


It is a bicycle renting system with automated stands and docking stations infused with Technology to be put up at various locations.Our project's target audience is not just the leisure seeking ones, but to also serve those who would need it as a mode of transportation thus making transportation more flexible.

Our Aim

Taking Mumbai a step closer to smart city A Smart City is one which provides the citizens with facilities to make their life easier. This project has been heavily invested in technological solutions thus enabling nature and technology to go hand in hand.We aim to make cycling a popular mode of transportation and connectivity across Mumbai . We are planning to install our technologically integrated cycle renting service in several pockets of Mumbai.

Why cyklo?

There have been several environmental issues revolving around increasing pollution levels in the country, Taking the recent Delhi case into consideration where the pollution levels increased to such an extent that a strict imposement regarding vehicle use had to be enforced. This is a major wake up call for India and its other metro cities. If we consider any developed nation, we are bound to find cycle sharing services Eg.Velib Paris in France . All these factors inspired us to start a similar venture in india. We believe that our venture would take transportation to a whole new level. With this belief we go ahead.


We realize that in India, owing to the huge population it is relatively very difficult to set up a bicycle sharing system. This can only be achieved with proper planning and foolproof system and machines. To understand the user and the various shortcomings faced in this project we decided to first conduct the alpha phase where the whole system would be under our supervision. We aim big, and to make it a hit we need to take careful steps. That is the reason why we came up with the alpha phase.The alpha phase of this project has been implemented in the humongous campus of Bhavans since 15 february with one semi automated docking station situated at gate no 4, DN Nagar entrance, which in near future will be fully automated.Do Join Us In our Venture and make Mumbai a better city which we truely deserve to live in.

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